Peelo - Kleuvenveld

Peelo -Kleuvenveld

Multiple Iron Age settlements within test trenches excavation… Landscape context The Kleuvenveld was situated on a plateau which was bordered on three sides by brooks. The soil consist of coversand with boulderclay underneath at a depth of over 1.20 m. Traces of heathland soil was found underneath the recent agricultural topsoil layer. Nowadays the Kleuvenveld has Read more about Peelo -Kleuvenveld[…]

Hoornboegse heide

Hilversum – Hoornboegse heide

A barely visible Celtic field close to Amsterdam… Read more…                                                                    .   Landscape context The Hoornboegse Heide is situated on the flanks of a push-moraine landscape, south of the city of Hilversum. Peat has been able to extend itself towards the edges of the push-moraine and has remained present in the southwestern part until far into the Middle Read more about Hilversum – Hoornboegse heide[…]

Assen - Messenveld

Assen – Messchenveld

A Celtic field close to urban and industrial areas… Read more…                                                                                                                                     . Landscape context Messchenveld II is situated on an extension of the coversand plateau and is bordered on three sides, in a natural way, by brook valleys. Only in the northwestern part a rise is visible in the landscape, caused by a coversand ridge. The Celtic fields complex seems Read more about Assen – Messchenveld[…]